Yes, it is hard to admit but probably true – we all have some boring content on our websites.  Often times, these are still pages we need rank well in search engine result pages.  So, how is that accomplished?  Is it even possible?

Well, of course it is.  And thanks to a nifty Whiteboard Friday video post from the team at SEOMoz you can learn how right here.  The video covers four methods you can employ to help boost the rankings of your boring web pages.

Here is the video:

Strategies to Get Boring Web Pages to Rank Better

As you watch the video, pay attention to the four strategies that Rand Fishkin shares:

  1. Combine and Conquer
  2. Leverage the authority you earn by producing great content
  3. Embed your sales message
  4. Use Content Marketing strategies

Yes, there are some content and inbound marketing ideas here and all very valid in my opinion.  It is interesting though – the comments on the original blog post turned into a debate about whether inbound marketing is part of SEO or not.  You can see the video, a full transcript. and read those comments here on the SEOmoz blog.

“Boring” Photo by s. alt.


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