Air Duct Cleaning Website Design

Air Duct Cleaning Website Design

CLT Quality Air Duct Cleaning was referred to Peacock Creative Services for assistance with redesigning their website. The company had recently been bought from the original owner and the new owner wanted to improve the sites appearance, it’s position in search results with the ultimate goal of increasing conversions. To meet their goals, we designed a full browser width responsive website with a clear call to action on every page.

On Page Search Optimization

In planning for the redesign we targeted 18 search phrases that combined services name + town name relevant to CLT services and location. We took a baseline measurement in May of this year and ran a comparison report in September. In May, the site had 4 first page results across Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines for those search phrases. As of September 2, the site has 19 first page results across the three main search engines.

We are also using Google Analytics to track conversions. While we don’t have any baseline data as it wasn’t being tracked previously, we can see an increase in the rate of conversion over the test period which is clearly one of the desired outcomes.

Key Website Design Features

  • WordPress Content Management System
  • Full browser width, responsive design
  • On page search engine optimization
  • Clear call to action (CTA) on every page
  • Blogging capability
  • Schema Markup (structured data that helps search engines understand services and locations served)

If your business or organization needs a new website or your old website redesigned, contact us today to learn how we can help.

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