Inn-Flow Search Optimization

Inn-Flow Search Optimization

The team at Inn-Flow were referred to Peacock Creative Services to help improve their search results placement via on page search engine optimization. The company offers a product that streamlines accounting, staffing, procurement and hotel related activities in one application. As a small company with a big idea they were in competition with a number of already established software company offering solutions in this field.

After our initial meeting we started the process of collecting data – where were the site’s pages appearing in search engine results now, how were customers finding them, and what pages were people visiting.  While collecting the baseline data we performed an in depth audit of on page ranking factors for each page of the site. With data and audit results in hand, we implemented small changes on each page of the website including areas like, page title, url, H1, H2, and H3, image alt tags, and meta descriptions.  We measure progress in monthly reports to track the sites march up the search results.

Search Engine Optimization Results

In October of 2015 when we first began we found that Inn-Flow website pages were mostly appearing on Google pages 4 and 5 for identified keyword search phrases.  By January of the next year the Inn-Flow site has high positions on Google’s Yahoo’s, and Bing’s first page search results for 12 targeted keyword phrases.

If you need to improve your website’s position in search results, contact Peacock Creative Service to see how we can help you attract more customers.


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October 17, 2015

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