ITYS Search Engine Optimization Project

ITYS Search Engine Optimization Project

Wesley Water’s website just wasn’t performing like he wanted. Insufficient search traffic meant he wasn’t developing business leads in Raleigh – he knew he needed some search engine optimization and fast. Being a retired State Trooper he was used to investigating things and he checked me out pretty good before we started working together.

Wesley contacted me, after being referred by a past client, to conduct a search engine optimization project for his Over a course of several meetings we talked about his business, my business, his goals, my services and results. Sometimes it just take a little while to get comfortable with hiring someone like me and I understand that – so I welcomed the meetings.

After a 30 year career with the state police Wesley took his considerable knowledge and expertise in Department of Transportation compliance and reinvented himself as a consultant to Raleigh area trucking and transportation companies.

Search Engine Optimization Process.

We began working together in October of 2012. As with any project I begin with keyword research to identify frequently search phrases for the clients services and take a baseline measurement of where the website was ranking for those terms.  In all we targeted 11 phrases including:

  • dot compliance consultant Raleigh
  • state dot compliance  Raleigh
  • state dot compliance Durham
  • dot trucking laws Raleigh

In October the website was not to be found for any of those terms in the first three pages of Google, Bing or Yahoo.  So, I did a complete website audit, found the areas needing attention and went to work.

What did I do exactly?  Well, that’s kind of a trade secret, if I told you, no one would have to hire me.  But if you want to see an overview of the types of items involved in on page search engine optimization visit this page.

Search Engine Optimization Results

When I do a job like this I don’t disappear after the project is finished.  Nope, I monitor the progress of the site for a minimum of 4 months – longer if requested.

The last report I ran on the in January 2013 showed some very positive results:

  1. For seven of the 11 targeted search phrases the site was listed in positions 1 – 5 on page one of organic results from Google, Bing and Yahoo!
  2. In several cases there were more than 1 of Wesley’s pages at the top of the search results (see image below)

Multiple First Page Search Results

It doesn’t happen often but when it does its pretty cool.  In January I took this snapshot of Google search results for the term “dot compliance consultant raleigh.” As you can see, has the first 4 organic results and Wesley’s LinkedIn profile is number 5! Pretty cool huh?!

Mulitple first page search results

If you are pretty sure your website search traffic could be better I encourage you to contact me. I’d like to meet you, learn about your goals and review your website to see how I can help you meet or exceed those goals.  Call 919-346-3307 or send us an email.



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February 13, 2013

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