Marketing Consultant

Puzzle piecesPutting together the pieces of a comprehensive marketing plan can be a daunting task, but not if you have Peacock Creative Services on your team. We’ll walk you through all the necessary steps of an in-depth company and market analysis to tailor a plan that will meet your desired results today, while providing a solid foundation on which to grow in the future.

Our goal is to discover, articulate and deliver your personality, your unique value and capabilities to those you wish to serve whether they are individual consumers or other businesses.

Marketing & Communications:

Our marketing and communication services strengthen brands, deliver key messages to your target audience, emphasize and empower relationship building, and ultimately result in enthusiastic customers while supporting the development of deep and lasting relationships.  Yes, we have years of experience with traditional marketing, though in today’s connected world – internet marketing is where its at and where we excel!

Marketing Services include:

Peacock Creative Services Believes:

  1. Every customer is different and unique.  You can count on us to provide you with equally unique ways of meeting your goals.  One size does not fit all.
  2. We view the businesses and organizations who hire us as partners.  We are in this together!
  3. As partners you need to be actively engaged in all phases of our work. To be successful our work must be grounded in intimate knowledge of your organization, its culture and customers, and the products and services you provide.  We’ll provide the fresh perspective and specialized knowledge, if you’ll provide the history, character and essence of your organization.
Our mission is your satisfaction and only you can define what that requires.

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