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Raleigh area small businesses deserve the same skilled internet marketing services as corporations do. As do their neighbors in Cary, Apex, and Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina. At our heart, Peacock Creative Services is a proven internet marketing company.  At the core of your organization’s success strategy is a need to marketing your business on the internet effectively. We can help you hone your messages and reach your target audience.  Using a mix of internet marketing strategies in a way that is budget-conscious and results-oriented is our trademark.  Give us a call at 919-386-2296 or shoot us an email to discuss any of your business goals today.

Internet Marketing Services include:

Strategic Internet Marketing Plans:

The brave jump wily nilly into the frey, but the smart and successful plan what they are going to market themselves on the internet, and when and how they do so. We choose the latter with a deliberate planning process that enables businesses to leverage limited resources to increase sales and achieve long term advantage over competitors.

Website Design

Your website is the center of your internet marketing strategy – the hub of it all, your home base!  Websites designed and built by Peacock Creative Services allow your company to shine like a beacon on search engines while directing your visitors to your desired action.  At the request of many clients, we design websites almost exclusively in the WordPress content management system, a free web publishing platform that integrates powerful tools for engagement and is ‘push button’ easy to update.

Search Engine Optimization

A pretty and powerful website is rendered useless without proper search engine optimization.  Peacock Creative Services keeps abreast of the latest in search engine optimization practices and leverages its wealth of experience in the arena to ensure top placement for its clients.  With more than 400 pages that rank on the first page of Google and other search engines for targeted terms, we can help you achieve the organic search engine visibility you need to succeed. Learn more…

Social Media Marketing

One of the most powerful and affordable marketing channels organizations can leverage today is social media.  Without direction – they can also be an incredible waste of time and fail to return desired results. Let Peacock Creative Services help you leverage tools like Blogs, Facebook, Google+, Twitter,  and LinkedIn to deliver your message cost effectively while boosting your website’s search engine rankings.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Relying on search optimization to position a company in organic search results requires patience.  While search optimization efforts are ongoing, many companies choose to augment, or jumpstart, their website traffic through pay-per-click search engine advertising.  Peacock Creative Services has managed pay-per-click (PPC) advertising for more than 20 companies who have been well pleased with the results.  As an approved Google Engage partner, we are able to offer our clients $105 Adwords Credit to launch their PPC campaign with us which will ensure them first page of Google search results during their advertising period.

Content Marketing

Content is king!  Today that means producing a variety of content and distributing in multiple ways.  From blog posts and white papers to viral videos and podcasts getting your products, services and ideas out on the internet is how you reach prospects today. Peacock Creative Services can help you package your content in on your own website or integrate it across the web to leave a trail of breadcrumbs that lead directly back to you.

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