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SSL The Easy Solution to Google’s Not Secure Warning

SSL is the easy solution to Google's Not Secure warning that webmasters have recently begun receiving. Last night Google began notifying webmasters that beginning in October 2017 "Chrome (version 62) will show a “NOT SECURE” warning when users enter text in a form on...

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Roundup: Boosting Local Business SEO

For this month’s roundup I’m looking at recent research on boosting search engine optimization for local businesses. In the competitive world of online marketing local business are looking to leverage any advantage they can to land at the top of search results pages....

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Misleading SEO Offer Received by Email

I recently received a misleading SEO offer via email from Domain SEO Service Registration Corp. I might have been tricked into paying this bill if I hadn’t seen this trickery before. As a web designer I am registered as the technical contact on many, many domain...

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Your Thriving Business: It’s Time to Get Creative

Surprise Them with Your Metaphorical Handshake Business cards are still the handshake of the business world, but the standard design is predictable. Printing business cards online has become the course de rigueur because it is cost-effective, customizable and fast....

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Is the #1 SEO Ranking Factor User Satisfaction?

Clients often ask what is the #1 SEO ranking factor they can focus on for solid search engine results, the answer seems less technical than they expected. As Cyrus Shepard of SEOMoz points out in his recent blog post, user satisfaction is at the top of his list. And,...

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5 Very Cool Content Curation Tools for Social Marketers

Looking for some tools to help with your content curation? The team at TheSocialMediaHat.com have found 5 very cool curation tools you should check out! Content curation is quickly becoming an important way that companies serve their audience. It is no longer just me,...

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If Content Curation is King – Be Invaluable!

There is a growing emphasis in internet marketing to drive inbound traffic via content curation.  New tools and new technologies are blossoming across the internet. There is even a content curation contest that recently launched.  With so much ado about content...

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