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Social Media websites have grown to become very important marketing and engagement platforms for businesses in Fuquay-Varina and beyond. Successfully engaging your existing or potential new customers on networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or other can boost your bottom line.  But, out of the gate, many small business owners aren’t sure how to start.

I’ve talked with a good number of business who started out marketing on social media but gave up because, “It didn’t work.” We’ll I’m hear to tell you that it does work and we can help you succeed.

Need Help With Social Media Marketing?

Peacock Creative Services can help guide you through a process to create a successful social media marketing and engagement campaign that follows a proven methodology. I know you can follow this information to get started on your own, but you didn’t end up on this page because you feel ready to do that.

Step 1: Set Goals

As a business owner you probably already know that you should begin any effort with the end in mind. Setting goals for your social media marketing is no different. Make sure you set SMART goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound.

Step 2: Get Inside The Mind of Your Ideal Customers

persona elementsIn marketing speak we call this creating customer personas. In this process you identify your ideal customer’s age, occupation, interests, wants/needs, problems, background and so forth. This is critical to the social media marketing as it helps you deliver the right messages to the right people and the right time. Keep in mind that your product or services can appeal to more than 1 persona, so develop as many as make sense.

Step 3: Research Your Competition

You can learn a good deal about what is already working in social media marketing by look at what your competitors are doing well or not doing.  Sure you can look at your local competition but also consider taking a look at business similar to yours in different parts of the state or country for even more insights.

Step 4: Choose Your Networks and Tactics

social media iconsBased on your customer persona(s) it’s time to make decisions about what social networks you are going to engage them on and how you are going to do that. The tactics you choose for social engagement will also be determined, in part, on your goals and objectives.

Step 5: Create A Content Strategy

Social media marketing requires content – whether it is images, video, text, links – you need to have good content that is consistent with your brand. The strategy should focus on achieving your goals and will help you identify  when to post, the frequency of your posts. This part can be a little trial and error – you want to post often enough to engage your prospects, but no so often that you annoy them.

Step 6: Establish Budget and Assign Responsibilities

As with everything in marketing – budget allocations and assigning responsibility is important to reach your goals. List out what you will need which could include things like a camera, image editing software, or video editing software. And assign who will do what and when,

Step 7: Evaluate Results

I’ve long been a fan of the PDCA model (Plan Do Check Act) iterative approach to improving business and/or processes. Assessing whether your are making progress towards your goals and adjusting your plan accordingly will help you achieve the desired results more quickly.


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