Looking for some tools to help with your content curation? The team at TheSocialMediaHat.com have found 5 very cool curation tools you should check out!

Content curation is quickly becoming an important way that companies serve their audience. It is no longer just me, me, me – no sir! By curating content business marketers share relevant, useful information to their audience from other source and can quickly become an invaluable ally. If you are not curating content now – you should be.  Check out the article to see the tools they recommend.

thesocialmediahat.com – In the Age of Information, the ability to “curate”, or gather and arrange content, becomes one of the most important skills you can have. After all, the information is out there for everyone to see. What makes you stand out from the crowd is how you locate and present it. This process can be a grueling one if you go at it alone. That’s why the smart content curator will find tools to make their job easier in siphoning the best material off the top of the web, and presenting it in the purest and most palatable of forms.

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