If your website doesn’t appear on the first page of search engine results pages for your key terms you might as well close up shop.  The end is coming.

Well, it might not be that dramatic, but it is bad news for you.

95% of Traffic Comes from the First Page of Search Engines

People trust search engines to provide them with the most relevant results.  In fact, they trust them so much that 95% of traffic comes from the first page.  If your website is on the second or third page – you seriously need to do some work on your website.

Peacock Creative Services Provides Affordable Search Engine Optimization Services

I believe small businesses deserve the same kind of professional search optimization services that big corporations do.  We just don’t think you need to pay the super huge bucks they do to get it.  In fact, our search engine optimization services are most affordable.

How We Get You on the First Page of Search Engines

I’ll analyze what is or isn’t working on your website today and develop a plan to improve your search engine results through a combination of on-page and off-site search optimization techniques.  While some SEO companies employ ‘black hat’ or unethical methods to serve their clients, Peacock Creative Services utilizes only ‘white hat’ approved methods to improve your position in search engines.  We’ll get you results that won’t get your website penalized by Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Ready to get started?  Just fill out this brief contact form and you’ll be on your way to the first page.

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