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Is Marketing On Pinterest for Your Small Business?

If a social network could drive more qualified traffic than Facebook would you be interested? Pinterest is and I think every small business should take notice. Founded in early 2010 the Pinterest (often misspelled “Pintrest”) social media network has amassed over 7...

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How Do Visitors Interact With Your Website

Do you know how visitors interact with your website?  Alarmingly too many small businesses don’t have a clue! With so much riding on your small business website and with powerful, absolutely free tools available there is no reason why every business owner shouldn’t...

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Website Not On The First Page of Search Results

If your website doesn’t appear on the first page of search engine results pages for your key terms you might as well close up shop.  The end is coming. Well, it might not be that dramatic, but it is bad news for you. 95% of Traffic Comes from the First Page of Search...

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Increase Website Traffic

Almost every client I’ve ever worked with has asked me how to increase traffic to their website.  In fact it seems it is everyone’s number one internet marketing goal.  More visitors! It’s an everyday conversation and it’s a good place to start. But, rarely does the...

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